Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are officially divorced. They originally filed for divorce in December of 2012. Almost one year later and they are officially done. Read more here:


Chris Brown was court ordered to enter in a rehabilitation center in his hearing with the Rihanna domestic violence case. But he was not going without his weed, after just two weeks he was kicked out because of a violent rage.

Seth Rogan and James Franco created a spoof of Kanye West’s “bound 2” music video featuring Kim Kardashian. This video is hilarious. Check it out here:

Rihanna donated $100,000 to UNICEF to help with the relief of the typhoon victims. She stated:
“Emergencies make headlines, but the recovery continues long after the news cameras leave. Having been a fan and supporter of UNICEF’s work over the years, I am honored to join them in helping children who have been impacted by Typhoon Haiyan. More than five million kids in the Philippines need our help. UNICEF is there for them today, and for the long road ahead, and so am I.”

Eminem released his new music video for “Rap God.” Check out the video here:


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