Miles Scott, a 5 year old boy in remission from leukemia, became a San Francisco hero for the day. Make – A – Wish Foundation turned his obsession with comic book heroes into a real life scenario throughout San Francisco. This story was so inspiring and a definite must read.

What a bad week for Alec Baldwin. Not only has the actor had a stalker that he has been battling in court, but finally this week, Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin was found guilty in stalking and harassing Baldwin. After only a few hours of the court case Alec Baldwin got into a fight with a photographer outside of his Manhatten apartment and called the man anti-gay slurs. Read more here:

Lady Gaga was a performer and guest host of Saturday Night Live this weekend. R. Kelly and her performed one of her new singles, “Do What You Want,” and it was a very racy performance. Check it out here:

Brittany Murphy, who past away in 2009, and her husband, Angelo Bertolotti, who died 5 months later, might have been poisoned. Murphy had pneomonia and died from natural causes and her husband died from the same thing. New reports have shown that the couple might have had rat poisoning in their air vents. Read more here:

Rihanna released her new video out this week of her song “What Now.” I love the song but I am not loving her hairstyle in this video. Check it out:


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  1. I love the Bat Kid piece. It was so inspiring and beautiful. It’s truly amazing how many people showed up to support this boy. They were only expecting 200 people to show up! Have you seen this article about another little boy in Arizona who was Bat Kid for a day? A volunteer had a replica of the Adam West Bat Cave and Bat Mobile and took him around. He saved a girl scout troop from the Joker.

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