Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are suing YouTube founder Chad Hurley because he posted video highlights of the October 21 proposal in San Francisco’s AT&T Park. Hurley was a guest at the event and all parties were forced to sign a confidentiality agreement. The case will play out in court, if it makes it to court. What do you think? Read more here. YouTube-founder-Chad-Hurley

At the EMA’s this year, Miley Cyrus received an award for best video. She also performed twice on stage without an controversy compared to her 2013 VMA’s performance. But as she accepted her award, she lit up what seemed to look like a joint. Check out the video here.

George Clooney doesn’t understand why any famous person would ever use Twitter. He believes celebrities shouldn’t make themselves more available than they already are. What do you think? Read more in this article.

News broke out this week that Kanye West was seem fighting two men in the streets of Austin, Texas. It was confirmed after that it was not him, but check out this video, it looks just like him!

The rapper Lil Kim is in trouble for copyrighting Samantha Ravndahl’s image. She posted this self image of her after doing a dead girl image on herself. Read more here.


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