Barneys New York has been accused of racial profiling. The clothing brand under fire for partnering with Barneys is Jay Z’s company. A percentage of his proceeds are donated to the Sean Carter Foundation. He has not responded publicly since this began. He has just release a statement on his website:

Miranda Kerr and Orland Bloom have announced that they are getting a divorce after being together for 6 years, and married 3 years. As of now they seem to have mutual feelings and respect for one another. Kerr is the second highest paid model in the world, and Bloom is pretty set in his finances. Hopefully their divorce does not get to messy. Read more here:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are officially engaged. Kanye West rented the San Francisco Giants stadium, hired an orchestra, invited her family and friends, and proposed with a 15 carat ring. He proposed on the stadiums big screen with the words, “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!” See the photos below:

Julianne Hough decided to dress up as her favorite character from the show, Orange is the New Black, on Halloween. The only problem is she choose to paint her face black. I am pretty sure painting your face black is offensive in so many ways and I guess she did not get the memo until later in the night when she wiped her face off. See the photos below:

Chris Brown is in trouble again. He just can’t seem to catch a break. He allegedly punched a man in the face in Washington D.C., outside of the W Hotel. He is facing jail time since he is still on parole for his domestic violence incident with Rihanna.


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