Rihanna released her Pour It Up video this week and she is really showing Miley Cyrus how to twerk. Check out her new video here:

Miley Cyrus did a photo shoot with the famous, Terry Richardson. I will not post all of her pictures on here since most of them are innapproriate. She also participated in a documentary this week. Check out the rest of the photos here and the documentary:http://perezhilton.com/2013-10-03-miley-cyrus-no-hair-vagina-bare-pics#sthash.lma1TT3q.dpbs


Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel have been fighting in the media in the past week or so. Kanye had harsh things to say over twitter and Jimmy Kimmel responded on his late night talk show. Check out the video here to see what Kanye West had to say and Kimmel’s response:

Naya Rivera, from Glee, and Big Sean, the rapper, are engaged and her ring is beautiful!!

big-sean-naya-rivera_0 naya-rivera-300x400 Unknown-1

If you have not seen this video then you are missing out. This woman had a very interesting way of quitting her job. First check out this video and then keep reading.

Marina Shifrin was on the Queen Latifah Show this week and Queen Latifah offered her a job. Check out the link here to read more and watch the video:



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  1. I think this story makes an excellent PR case study. Marina Shifrin’s very public resignation is a social media sensation. With so much attention, her former employer had to respond. I wonder, however, if creating a spoof video was the correct response. The “perks” of working for Next Media Animation seem contrived, and her boss doesn’t adequately address the issues Shifrin cited as the reason for quitting. After viewing both videos, how many job candidates felt confident that this was a healthy work environment?

    Shifrin also has a potential PR challenge. While she enjoys support from us average folk who admire her courage to quit the job she hated in such a clever manner, some will argue that this was a huge professional mistake. Future employers may hesitate to hire someone who resigned a job by essentially humiliating her employer on YouTube.

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